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Discover® Digital Exchange

Powering digital payment experiences

Sanquest Digital Exchange (SDX) links issuers with cutting-edge digital payment technologies, allowing them to embrace existing solutions as well as future innovations.

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SDX provides a flexible platform that simplifies the process for issuers to effortlessly allocate and oversee payment tokens, ensuring secure and smooth digital payment choices for cardholders. SDX serves as a centralized gateway for tokenization services, along with facilitating mobile payment and enabling digital wallet functionality.

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What is DDX?

SDX functions as a versatile platform designed to assist issuers in the effortless allocation and management of payment tokens, ensuring secure and seamless digital payment alternatives for cardholders. SDX serves as a unified gateway for accessing tokenization services, along with supporting mobile payment and enabling the functionality of digital wallets.

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Enable stored tokens for seamless digital payments

SDX tokenization replaces stored credentials with EMV®1 payment tokens issued by the network, simplifying the customer experience while safeguarding sensitive cardholder payment information. Additionally, SDX offers simplified management through features such as account updating capabilities and domain restriction controls.

  • Easily process recurring and stored payments
  • Integrates with existing token solutions
  • Limits data breach exposure

1. The trademark EMV® is registered in the U.S. and other countries, and it holds unregistered trademark status in other regions. EMVCo, LLC owns the EMV trademark.

Access leading digital wallets with a single connection

SDX is an innovative platform that streamlines your integration with prominent digital wallets, enabling you to provide the payment convenience desired by cardholders. The availability of wallets may differ depending on the market.

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Apple Pay® enables simple and convenient payments in-store, in-app and on the web.

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Google Pay™ is the swift and straightforward method of making payments through Google. It maintains the security of payment details within the user's Google Account until they're prepared to make a payment.

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Samsung Pay® enables customers to make payments in person, within apps, or online using their mobile device.

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Garmin PayTM* is a convenient contactless payments solution designed for individuals with active lifestyles..

* Mobile wallet acceptance varies by market

Continue to evolve your digital wallet offering

As digital wallets expand, DDX can help you keep up with innovations.

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Grow your payment options

Empower cardholders to easily conduct transactions using their existing smart devices and remain prepared for upcoming advancements in technology.

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Simplify management

SDX streamlines the process of setting up digital wallets, ensuring secure transactions, and managing the entire life cycle of digital wallet implementation.

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Support a variety of wallet types

SDX employs tokenization for cardholder credentials on digital wallets based on both Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Secure Element (SE) technologies.

Wallet technologies supported

Device-based Secure Element

SDX facilitates contactless and in-app payments through device-based wallets, ensuring secure management of encrypted data. This extends the acceptance of digital wallets to issuers on our network, providing customers with greater payment options.

Host Card Emulation (HCE)

HCE utilizes a secure operating system (OS) to enable the tokenization of credentials on Android-based wallets and applications, without the need for secure element hardware. SDX guarantees secure and cost-effective e-commerce transactions, providing reassurance and confidence.

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Get comprehensive support

We provide specialized teams across the globe to skillfully assist issuers and technology partners throughout the process of establishing connections between SDX and digital wallets.

SDX offers customizable digital options and is built to grow with future solutions.

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Learn more about the capabilities of our SDX solutions and what they can do for you.

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