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Card Production Vendor Compliance

All vendors endorsed by Discover® Global Network who offer services to Issuers for the creation of payment card products are obligated to adhere to the applicable Payment Card Industry (PCI) Card Production Physical & Logical Security Requirements currently in force. For guidance on how to confirm and disclose your compliance, please consult the Validation and Reporting Requirements for Card Production Vendors.

* Please note: Starting from October 13, 2023, the "Approved Vendor" list will no longer be active, allowing Issuers to independently select their Card Production Vendors for card-related goods and services, provided these vendors are compliant with PCI Card Production standards.

Validation and reporting requirements for Card Production Vendors


Vendors responsible for card production and serving Discover Global Network Issuers in generating payment card products are required to annually confirm their adherence to the PCI Card Production Physical and Logical Security Requirements. These evaluations must be conducted by a Card Production Security Assessor (CPSA) company certified by PCI, and should encompass a relevant on-site assessment*.


Vendors engaged in producing payment card products for Discover Global Network Issuers are obliged to furnish DISC with the accomplished and endorsed Attestation of Compliance (AOC) and Report on Compliance (ROC) whenever Discover makes such a request. These documents verify their continuous compliance with the PCI Card Production Physical and Logical Security Requirements.

*Kindly note: Only a Card Production Security Assessor (CPSA) approved by PCI is authorized to carry out on-site assessments.

Contact our Data Security team

For reporting a data breach or cardholder data compromise, dial 1-800-347-3083. Alternatively, reach out to us for any inquiries related to compliance.

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