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White Label Credit Solutions

Your card. Your brand. Your expanded reach.

Enhance cardholder experience through the expansion of acceptance, heightened engagement, and the modernization of payment methods within our white label credit program.

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Expand acceptance, increase engagement and modernize payments to improve your cardholder experience with our white label credit program.

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Build a card around your business and cardholders

Familiar with your business requirements and your cardholders' preferences, our white label credit program empowers you to meet those needs. Our adaptable solution enables you to transform unique consumer value propositions into reality, cultivating your brand and advancing your business.

  • Put your brand front and center
  • Enhance cardholder experience and usage
  • Increase revenue streams
  • Enable secure, digital payments

Characteristics crafted to offer greater benefits to your brand and enterprise.

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  1. Embellish with your brand for the purpose of establishing recognition and fostering loyalty
  2. Incorporate chip technology to leverage the most up-to-date security features
  3. Utilize our BIN range: Your card will be accepted at your preferred locations
  4. Enhance cardholder convenience by broadening acceptance opportunities
  5. Choose to display the cardholder's name on either the front or the back
  6. Allocate space for crucial cardholder communications

Harness cutting-edge functionalities to energize your program.

We collaborate with processors and program managers to create a prosperous offering tailored to you and your cardholders.

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Control your experience

While your cards have the capability to conduct transactions on our network, the decision of where your cards can be used rests with you. Collaboratively, we tailor this based on your acceptance prerequisites, utilizing our Restricted Authorization Network (RAN).

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Simplify implementation

Information serves as the essential element for precise targeting. Through our Discover® Commerce Xchange (DCX), we present meticulously structured and current merchant data, aiding in simplifying implementation while presenting possibilities for elevated encounters.

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Add confidence and security

Infuse your program with the assurance of enhanced transaction security. Utilize chip technology, Three Domain Secure (3DS), and additional anti-fraud capabilities provided by our network to your advantage.

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Offer digital payments

Cardholders seek the flexibility to make payments at their convenience, regardless of time, location, or preferred method. Our Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX) solution simplifies the process of enabling mobile payments and provides tokenization services to ensure secure and hassle-free transactions.

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More than a payments network

Utilize our extensive payment expertise to receive guidance throughout every phase of your program's journey, spanning from inception to launch and beyond. Discover further insights into our cooperative strategy.

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