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Cutting-edge initiatives to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance financial gains.

Transform your concepts into reality, fulfill your distinct requirements, and contribute to your business growth through smooth and heightened secure payment processes.

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Transform your concepts into reality, fulfill your distinct requirements, and contribute to your business growth through smooth and heightened secure payment processes.

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Get to market faster and make a bigger impact

Our prepaid solutions present streamlined procedures, adaptability, and inventive capacities for swift program initiation. Share your objectives with us, and we'll collaborate to devise, inaugurate, and enhance your program in accordance with your schedule, business specifications, and financial plan.

  • Customize to fit your brand 
  • Simple implementation
  • Transparent, competitive fees
  • Dedicated partnership

Explore what prepaid can offer your business

Brand building

Adaptable card designs and marketing assistance guarantee that your branded prepaid cards raise awareness not only for your program but also for your brand.

Easy implementation

Expedite the distribution of your prepaid cards by utilizing our uncomplicated instructions and simplified documentation.

Straightforward economics

Our partners value the transparency and competitiveness of our billing and fee structures.

Collaborative partnership

Gain access to valuable resources and receive assistance from a dedicated relationship manager.

Enhance your program with powerful capabilities and features

Utilize cutting-edge tools that have the potential to increase the revenue of your prepaid program by encouraging card adoption and usage.

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Control where prepaid cards can be used

Craft the desired payment experience using our capability to activate Restricted Authorization Network (RAN) programs. A RAN program empowers you to manage acceptance based on factors such as merchants, brands, or categories.

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Improve marketing and loyalty with data

Issuers located in the United States and its territories have the opportunity to utilize precise and comprehensive merchant data through Discover® Commerce Exchange (DCX). DCX serves as a resource for fueling loyalty solutions, omni-channel marketing initiatives, and furnishing geolocation insights to elevate customer experiences.

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Enable digital payments for prepaid

Provide secure and hassle-free digital payment options, encompassing tap-and-pay functionality, online transactions, and in-app purchases. Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX) presents a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process of enabling mobile wallets and implementing tokenization services.

Keep transactions secure at every point

Access solutions designed to safeguard payment information across online platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, and mobile devices.

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EMV®1 enabled prepaid cards

Chip cards have become a security benchmark. Moreover, we offer extensive tools and assistance to lead you through the transition to chip technology.

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Secure mobile and digital payments

Discover® Tokenization ensures the security of online purchases and mobile payments by substituting account information with distinctive codes that hold no value for malicious actors.  

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Reduce the impact of data compromises

Discover® Account Incident Manager (AIM) simplifies communication between issuers and acquirers, aiding in the reduction of the consequences of a data breach.

1. EMV® is a trademark registered in the United States and various other nations, and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The ownership of the EMV trademark rests with EMVCo, LLC.

Experts ready to power your innovation

Our approach to partnership is centered on collaboration, commencing by identifying solutions that align with your requirements.

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Contact our team of professionals to gain further insights into how our prepaid solutions can contribute to the expansion of your business.