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Diners Club International® Issuing

Become a part of a premium, global brand

Diners Club® goes beyond being just a card; it's an exclusive club. Partner with us as a distinguished issuer* of this reputable brand, and elevate your business while providing a unique and exceptional offering.

* Non-exclusive issuer in select markets

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Diners Club® transcends being a mere card; it embodies a distinctive club experience. Choose to be a privileged issuer* of this reputable brand to expand your business and provide a distinct and unique offering.

* Non-exclusive issuer in select markets

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A rich heritage, a modern Club

Diners Club has transformed from the pioneer of the first multipurpose charge card into an internationally renowned brand, enabling individuals to relish their preferred destinations with their cherished ones, on their own conditions. This is why we refer to our cardholders as Clubmembers. As an issuer, you have the opportunity to harness and customize the essence of the Club to align with the preferences of your local audience. 

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Leverage our global capabilities to drive local success

Supported by the strength of the Discover® Global Network, Diners Club offers resilient global offerings and initiatives tailored to match the demands of your market and your business objectives.

  • Global acceptance
  • Flexible consumer and commercial solutions
  • Emerging payments and security technologies

Global access and flexible solutions built for local performance

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Innovative commercial solutions

Supply adaptable business payments suitable for enterprises of varying sizes through a variety of card programs and additional corporate solutions, such as expense management.

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Robust consumer products

Our assortment of consumer products offers unparalleled versatility. Draw in a diverse array of potential customers through premium, co-branded, prepaid, and debit card options.

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Acceptance backed by a global network

Expand your worldwide reach with coverage in over 200 countries and territories, spanning more than 50 million merchant locations and over 1.2 million ATMs globally.

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Emerging technology and proven security

Utilize our international technologies to provide convenient, secure, and contemporary payment experiences. Utilize contactless or chip card technology, along with a range of authentication and security products.

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Build a distinct Clubmember offering

Offer your Clubmembers the means to enhance their daily experiences, whether indulging in a fashionable local restaurant or exploring new adventures worldwide. Diners Club provides benefits for both consumer and corporate Clubmembers, promoting usage and fostering loyalty.

  • Exclusive Club benefits
  • Global destinations and experiences
  • Corporate social responsibility program 

Global benefits and programs backed by Diners Club

Exclusive benefits and features

Perks such as access to airport lounges, along with exclusive hotel, dining, wellness, and shopping privileges, enable Clubmembers to travel luxuriously and fully enjoy every destination, whether for business or leisure.

Diners Club Destinations

Through our worldwide destinations program, we carefully craft and develop features and content to ignite a sense of adventure, enrich the Clubmember lifestyle, and maintain their engagement in a variety of experiences. 

Together for Change

Present your Clubmembers with chances to create a positive influence within their local communities through our corporate social responsibility program, "Together for Change."

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Get support to power innovation and growth

We offer comprehensive implementation assistance and valuable insights through our extensive network of global partners, ensuring the success of your business.

  • Strategic support and guidance
  • Product co-creation
  • Turnkey marketing programs with local flexibility
  • Market research collaboration

Get more information

Feel free to contact our team to discover more about the advantages and value of becoming a Diners Club issuer.

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