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Enabling the secure shift to digital payments

Ensure the security and support of customer payment details in a changing digital payments environment using Discover® Tokenization.

Safeguard and provide assistance for customer payment information within a dynamic digital payments ecosystem through Discover® Tokenization.

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How tokenization works

Tokenization involves substituting a customer's primary account number (PAN) with a distinctive replacement code known as a token. By utilizing the token instead of the PAN, the customer's data remains secure during the entire transaction.

Tokenization enhances the security of digital payments, regardless of whether they are conducted in physical stores at the point of sale or in virtual environments.

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Card-on-File (COF) Stored Payment Tokens

Safely provide the convenience of recurring billing and hassle-free online payments. Stored payment tokens replace stored primary account numbers or cards-on-file with payment tokens specific to each merchant.

Key features of our stored payment tokens

Streamlines customer experience

Automatically update cardholder information when their account undergoes changes, minimizing disruptions to customer purchases.

Enhances other third-party token services

You can integrate additional advantages of payment tokens without needing to modify existing third-party token services.

Increased security

Payment tokens minimize the risk of data breaches as they are restricted for use solely within the designated merchant's environment.

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One-click checkout

Offer enhanced shopping convenience with Secure Remote Commerce, which facilitates an effortless, streamlined, and secure online checkout solution.

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Tap & pay

Enable payments via Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay®, Garmin Pay™* or issuers can add their cards to digital wallets and more.

* Mobile wallet acceptance varies by market.

Elevate your customer experience using APIs for stored token and wallet services.

Discover more about our APIs designed for stored payment tokens and digital wallet services across various operating systems.

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Simplify tokenization services with Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX)

Issuers often face challenges when it comes to provisioning and managing tokens in a dynamic landscape, especially across various digital wallets, applications, and online stores. Discover's Digital Exchange presents issuers with a unified link to digital payment security while accommodating multiple wallets.

Learn About DDX

Security-based solutions and resources

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Access the necessary information and resources to support your efforts in upholding PCI compliance.

Security & Authentication

Obtain a wide range of authentication solutions through a collection of security products.

Fraud Prevention Practices

Receive guidance on recognizing and thwarting fraud, and gain access to supplementary security materials.