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Security and Authentication

Embrace online transactions with increased assurance.

With technological progress comes an escalation in card-not-present fraud. Our solutions are designed to assist you in maintaining a proactive stance, ensuring the security of both your business and customers.

With technological progress comes an escalation in card-not-present fraud. Our solutions are designed to assist you in maintaining a proactive stance, ensuring the security of both your business and customers.

Get the power of layered security

Discover provides three straightforward solutions to fortify Discover® Card transactions against online fraud. These solutions are simple to implement and work in harmony, offering a layered defense strategy. From pre-authorization to post-fulfillment, your business and customers remain safeguarded.

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Reduce fraud with free Discover® Enhanced Decisioning

Ensure a smooth consumer experience using our complimentary fraud management solution. Discover Enhanced Decisioning equips issuers with valuable data, enabling informed transaction decisions that minimize false declines and enhance authorization rates.

See how Enhanced Decisioning impacts merchants

Discover Enhanced Decisioning offers the potential for up to a 25% decrease in false declines, ensuring the blocking of risky transactions and approval of legitimate ones.

Reduce Friction

Customers enjoy a more seamless checkout process without the inconvenience caused by a false decline.

Free & Easy to Implement

Because Enhanced Decisioning utilizes the existing authorization technology of the Discover Global Network, merchants are not required to gather new information, and there are no associated participation costs.

Increase Revenue

Merchants and acquirers can anticipate experiencing increased approval rates, reduced losses from fraud, and a decrease in false declines related to fraudulent activities.

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Validate customer’s identity to reduce loss with ProtectBuy®

ProtectBuy is our solution for customer authentication using Three Domain Secure (3DS), which verifies the identity of consumers during the purchase process and prompts real-time actions for transactions with higher risk levels.

When a transaction is marked for review, a single-use password is promptly sent to the cardholder to confirm the legitimacy of the purchase. This process prevents fraudulent activity and maintains a smooth shopping experience without cart abandonment.

More information is available upon request.

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Benefits of 3DS security during a transaction

3DS establishes a secure channel involving three entities to verify a consumer's identity. Advantages include:

Helps reduce fraud online

Utilizes risk-based analytics to authenticate transactions and prevent fraud proactively.

Provides peace of mind

Validates the identity of the cardholder to mitigate fraud and minimize chargebacks.

Gain business insights

Issuers obtain enhanced insight into cardholder behavior for better detection of consumer patterns.

More secure, seamless checkout

It only requests cardholder input when the possibility of fraud is high, potentially decreasing instances of abandoned shopping carts.

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Simplified 3DS implementation for international issuers

As liability is transferred to issuers, global issuing partners can choose to procure a bundled Access Control Server (ACS) and Risk Engine (a necessity for issuers in 3DS) directly from Diners Club International® at substantially reduced costs and simplified procedures.

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Confidently approve Discover card transactions with Verify+

Verify+ permits American businesses to authenticate customer details directly against Discover cardholder data during transactions. This solution rapidly identifies transactions with high-risk factors, aiding in making informed approval decisions without causing disruptions to the customer experience.

Standard Verify+ is a web-based platform. You can access an API connection with Premium.

How Verify+ works during a transaction

Verify+ furnishes the data necessary for recognizing high-risk transactions before they are fulfilled, thereby enhancing fraud prevention measures, all the while maintaining a smooth customer experience.

  1. Enter customer information into Verify+.
  2. Get a validation response of "Accurate" or "Inaccurate" for customer name, billing address, email, and phone number.
  3. Utilize the Verify+ outcomes to either authorize or reject transactions.
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Help prevent chargebacks with timely Fraud Alerts

U.S. enterprises can benefit from Fraud Alerts, receiving advanced notifications of potentially fraudulent transactions that enable swift responses. Receive instant alerts about suspicious actions and access transaction particulars to halt order processing, cancel shipments, or initiate returns with shipping companies.

Fraud Alerts Standard is a no-cost online platform. Upgrade to Premium for almost real-time notifications, personalized reporting, and smooth integration through an API link.

Benefits of the quick response with Fraud Alerts

Quick notification and process

In case of a fraudulent transaction, either the cardholder or the issuer informs Discover. The business promptly gets an email alert and can access transaction specifics by logging in to take necessary actions.

Access critical data

Obtain information about the Discover transactions flagged as fraudulent.

Take corrective action

Utilize the information from fraudulent transactions to halt order processing, cancel shipments, and initiate returns through shippers.

Help minimize loss from future fraud

Enhance negative databases and aid in detecting patterns of fraudulent activities to mitigate future losses.

Fraud prevention resources

PCI Compliance

Access the necessary information and resources to ensure your adherence to PCI compliance standards.

Fraud Management: Issuers & Acquirers

Mitigate fraud risks through preemptive updates, vigilant monitoring, and compliance solutions.

Fraud Prevention Practices

Obtain guidance on recognizing and averting fraud, along with access to extra security resources.