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Transit & Mobility Solutions

Give 305M+ cardholders the flexibility to pay their way.1

The Discover® Global Transit solution links providers to a broader audience of travelers through the world's rapidly expanding global payments network.2

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Involvement in the Sanquest Card and utilization of RBR Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts up until September 2022, projecting into 2027.2

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1.  Involvement in the Discover® Global Network and utilization of RBR Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts up until September 2022, projecting into 2027.

2. Derived from network alliance agreements that have been signed with prominent payment networks in various countries over the preceding fourteen years, as highlighted in the Panoramic Research study conducted in 2022.

paying for transit fare with card in mobile wallet

Simplifying the transit experience

The Discover® Transit solution provides riders with a seamless payment encounter that is secure, swift, and user-friendly. We've made the process uncomplicated, enabling them to simply tap and commence their journey using devices they already possess, such as their smartphones, wearables, or contactless credit cards.

Meeting transit needs globally

Our contactless payments technology expedites riders' passage through the gate using the devices they already carry, enhancing the experience for both transit agencies and commuters. Moreover, with our network regulations and pricing, adopting the Discover Global Network can potentially aid agencies in diminishing expenses while amplifying efficiency.

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Contactless Payments

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First Ride Risk Share

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White Labeling

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Payment Account Reference (PAR)

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Support Merchant Transit Fare Policies

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Pass Products (Credentialing)

How to partner with us

We collaborate with transit agencies, system integrators, and technology providers on a global scale. Our extensive presence across the transit ecosystem enables us to swiftly develop an inclusive, convenient, and efficient solution.

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Our offering encompasses a variety of attributes and guidelines tailored to fulfill distinct open loop transit prerequisites.

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Our specialized support team expedites a swift and efficient deployment process through uncomplicated documentation.

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Our transit solution comprises thorough specifications, guides for implementation, and regulations for operation.

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