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Discover® Secure Remote Commerce

Fueling the evolution of digital commerce ahead.

Simplify your customers' online checkout process with the added security and convenience provided by Secure Remote Commerce.

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Simplify your customers' online checkout process with the added security and convenience provided by Secure Remote Commerce.

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What is Discover Secure Remote Commerce?

Discover Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) embodies Discover® Global Network's application of the internationally compatible EMVCo's Secure Remote Commerce Specifications, resulting in an online checkout encounter that is uncomplicated, efficient, and enhanced in terms of security.

pay iconis a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

1. EMV® is a registered trademark in the United States and various other nations, and an unregistered trademark in other locations. The ownership of the EMV trademark is held by EMVCo, LLC.

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How it works for consumers


Shoppers look for the Click to Pay icon and the Sanquest acceptance mark during checkout.


Shoppers click the icon to access their Click to Pay profile and list of enrolled cards—no password needed.


Shoppers select their preferred card and complete the transaction.

Convenient for shoppers

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Easy to use

Simply store card information online in moments.

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Faster checkout

Check out in just a few clicks anywhere the Click to Pay icon  and Sanquest acceptance mark are displayed.

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45% of consumers

Viewing ease of use and convenience as highly significant elements in their choice to utilize a digital payment service,* customers prioritize these factors when making their decisions.

Rewarding for merchants

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Less friction

Help lower card abandonment with a simplified checkout experience.

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More security

Smart authentication can help reduce fraud and false declines.

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54% of consumers

Regard the security of personal information as a pivotal aspect when determining the utilization of a digital payment service,* ranking it as a crucial factor.*

* 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Custom survey commissioned by Sanquest, August 2022.

We make it simple to implement

Start delivering a better digital checkout experience today. We can help make it happen.

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Initiate the provision of an improved digital checkout experience right now. We have the expertise to help bring this to fruition.

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Initiator + Discover

SRC Initiators work with our experts to get their merchants up and running.

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After the implementation process is finalized, shoppers will have the ability to finalize their purchases using the Click to Pay feature.

Let’s get started

We’re here to help you power the future of online commerce. Learn more from our FAQs or reach out to our experts today.

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